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Fill vacancies safely with LeaseGuarantee. When either you or your tenant purchases LeaseGuarantee, you get thousands of dollars of protection to protect you from common rental losses such as legal fees, unpaid rent, or damages.

LeaseGuarantee Base Rates

$199 year

for $1,000 protection


for $7,500 protection


for $2,500 protection


for $10,000 protection


for $5,000 protection

The annual rate is per lease, not per tenant. The rate may vary depending on the tenant’s credit and eviction history.

Ready to Guarantee Your Next Lease?

How Landlords Use LeaseGuarantee

Use LeaseGuarantee instead of a security deposit

This option is ideal for tenants who want to lower their move-in costs by paying for LeaseGuarantee rather than one or two months rent for a security deposit. You’ll get more protection than a traditional security deposit and they’ll have more disposable income to help them move.

Use LeaseGuarantee in addition to a security deposit

If a potential tenant does not meet your rental qualifications you can require that they purchase LeaseGuarantee. You’ll fill your vacancy and minimize your risk when renting to them. It’s better than asking for additional security deposit or higher rent, because you’ll get ten times more protection against rental losses.

Use LeaseGuarantee to reduce a security deposit

Because LeaseGuarantee gives you so much more protection than a security deposit, some landlords will reduce their required security deposit and ask that tenants purchase LeaseGuarantee instead. This lowers their move-in costs and increases your protection.

How can we help you?

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LeaseGuarantee has completely changed how I run my rentals. I don’t have to worry about losing money on evictions or damages so I can rent to more tenants practically risk-free. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

Debra J.
Apartment Owner, Orlando, FL