Want to Fill Vacancies Faster and Eliminate Rental Losses?

LeaseGuarantee Analyzer



LeaseGuarantee Analyzer

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LeaseGuarantee Analyzer PRO

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LeaseGuarantee Analyzer

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For Landlords

LeaseGuarantee reimburses you for rental losses so you can confidently fill your vacancies and accept a wider range of tenants with lower risk.

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For Brokers

Close leases faster. You’ll help more applicants qualify and lower their move-in costs. And landlords get protection against rental losses.

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For Tenants

Didn’t qualify  or want to lower your move-in costs? Ask the landlord if they accept LeaseGuarantee instead of a big security deposit.

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Risk-Free Rentals

Free for Landlords

With LeaseGuarantee’s tenant pay option, landlords can ask tenants to purchase LeaseGuarantee instead of or in addition to a security deposit.

Fill Vacancies Faster

Because LeaseGuarantee provides you with thousands of dollars of coverage for rental losses, legal fees, and damages, you can safely rent to more tenants.

Easy Signup

No documentation required. Just log in and order a free LeaseGuarantee Analyzer. Your applicant will fill out a short identity verification and then you or your tenant can purchase LeaseGuarantee.

Report Tenant Rental Payments

If your tenant pays rent on time we’ll certify their rental payments, making it easier for them to qualify for a future rental or home purchase.

Reduce Tenant Move-In Costs

Rather than requiring a large security deposit upfront, use LeaseGuarantee to lower or eliminate your tenant’s security deposit, without increasing your risk!

Better Than a Security Deposit

LeaseGuarantee provides landlords with up to $10,000 to cover rental losses. This is far more protection than an average security deposit.


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