How it Works

Guarantee Your Lease

LeaseGuarantee protects you from lost rent, damages, and legal fees. It minimizes your risk as a landlord so you can comfortably rent to almost anyone. Unlike insurance, LeaseGuarantee requires no deductibles and reimburses you for tenant-caused damages and losses. Use it to reduce, replace, or supplement your security deposit.

Getting LeaseGuarantee is EASY! Contact us today and protect your rental income.

How it Works

  • Contact us to order a LeaseGuarantee Analyzer for $24.95. Or have your tenant visit our website to order the Analyzer. We’ll use your tenant’s credit and eviction history to see if they qualify. Their credit score will not be affected.
  • We’ll email your tenant a request to agree to our terms.
  • We’ll let you know if the tenant qualifies for LeaseGuarantee and how much the annual rate will be to guarantee their lease.
  • You will have 10 days to view the LeaseGuarantee Analyzer results and select your 12 month protection plan. You or your tenant may call us to purchase LeaseGuarantee. Learn more about LeaseGuarantee annual rates.
  • Your 12 months of protection starts the day LeaseGuarantee is purchased, but you may request a different start date by contacting us.
  • If you purchase LeaseGuarantee for one tenant on the lease, all other tenants on that lease will be included too!

Tenant Qualifications

LeaseGuarantee uses a proprietary algorithm that analyzes your tenant’s credit and eviction history to determine whether a tenant qualifies and how much the annual rate will be to guarantee their lease.

Requesting Reimbursement

To file a request for reimbursement you will need to send us a copy of the lease agreement, rental applications, and court judgment in your favor. You will be paid for the judgment (up to your protection plan amount) if approved! 

How can we help you?

Contact us and speak to a live person right away. We’ll answer your questions and get LeaseGuarantee protection started for you!

LeaseGuarantee has completely changed how I run my rentals. I don’t have to worry about losing money on evictions or damages so I can rent to more tenants practically risk-free. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

Debra J.
Apartment Owner, Orlando, FL

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