Get Leases Signed Faster

Close More Leases

LeaseGuarantee can help you close more deals by lowering a landlord’s risk and improving a tenant’s chances of qualifying for a rental. Either you or the landlord can contact us to see if a prospective tenant qualifies.

Qualify More Tenants

Help your clients qualify for a rental even if they don’t have a great credit score or rental history. When a tenant qualifies for LeaseGuarantee, landlords will be more likely to accept them because they’ll get protection from potential rental losses, legal fees, and damages.

Earn Additional Income

We encourage brokers and agents to use LeaseGuarantee as a tool to help their clients, but we also provide a referral fee to brokers who refer landlords to us. Contact us to sign up as a broker. 

Lower Tenant Move-In Costs

Many landlords use LeaseGuarantee instead of a security deposit or to lower a security deposit. Because LeaseGuarantee starts at only $299/yr you could save tenants thousands of dollars in upfront move-in costs.

How can we help you?

Contact us and speak to a live person right away. We’ll answer your questions and get LeaseGuarantee protection started for you!

LeaseGuarantee has completely changed how I run my rentals. I don’t have to worry about losing money on evictions or damages so I can rent to more tenants practically risk-free. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

Debra J.
Apartment Owner, Orlando, FL