Qualify For Your Dream Rental

If you’re having a hard time qualifying for a rental, LeaseGuarantee can help you get approved! We provide landlords with additional protection so they can rent to you almost risk-free. Most tenants qualify for LeaseGuarantee. You can get covered by LeaseGuarantee for a low annual fee starting at $199. Here is how it works:

1. Invite Your Landlord

Tell your landlord about the benefits of LeaseGuarantee and have them visit the website and register.

2. Order a Free Analyzer

Once registered the landlord can log in and order a LeaseGuarantee Analyzer to learn if you qualify, its free!

3. Tenant Verifies Identity

We’ll send you, the tenant, a link requesting your current address, DOB, and SSN followed up by a few multiple-choice questions to verify your identity. There is no impact to your credit score.

4. Move-in!

If you qualify for LeaseGuarantee the landlord will be notified to select the amount of protection needed and decide who pays for LeaseGuarantee. Once purchased you are instantly covered and ready to move in!


LeaseGuarantee may help lower your move-in costs. Rather than pay for one or two months rent as security deposit, some landlords may accept LeaseGuarantee instead. With LeaseGuarantee annual rates starting at only $199, you’ll have more money available for other moving expenses.


LeaseGuarantee lowers your landlord’s risk when renting to you, so you’ll be more likely to qualify for a rental even if you have a low credit score or past eviction. This is your chance to get a dream rental and a fresh start.


At the end of your lease, we can provide you with an official letter that certifies you’ve made timely rental payments. This is great for qualifying for another rental or for buying a home. Lenders and landlords will be more likely to trust you if you can show you’re financially responsible.

Ask your potential landlord if they accept LeaseGuarantee!